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It's important declare your financial identity early, and Declare Checking is the perfect account to do so. We offer the best of the best account options to help you manage your first checking account.

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With school, your first job and preparing for college, you’re establishing your identity and taking on additional responsibilities. Declare Checking supports your move toward independence. It’s made just for you — not your parents. Declare Checking is free, easy to manage, helps you achieve your goals and provides rewards along the way.

Declare Your Future

Save for the future and earn more! Your savings account is eligible for a bonus dividend quarterly on the first $1,000 in the account.

Current bonus dividend: .50%

Declare Yourself Rewarded

Use your free Visa debit card and your rewards will add up! You’ll earn CURewards points on every signature-based purchase with your debit card. Redeem points for cool rewards including gift cards. Plus, when you use your debit card an average of 30 times per month in a quarter you’ll receive a bonus reward.

2019 Bonus Rewards

January 1st - March 31st $5.00 Starbucks Card
April 1st - June 30th
Redbox Movie Rental
July 1st - September 30th Regal Movie Ticket
October 1st - December 31st Redbox Movie Rental

Declare Yourself Protected

Mistakes happen. Overdraft fees can take a huge bite out of your wallet. As you learn to manage your Declare Checking account, we protect your wallet by offering one free "get out of fee” overdraft waiver every 12 months. The fee is automatically waived if you overdraft.

Declare Yourself Prepared

Prepare yourself for the future with free seminars. Learn about managing your checking account, establishing credit and more!

Declare Your School Pride

Support your school when you order a free debit card that features your high school logo! Your school will benefit because a portion of your signature-based purchases will be donated to your school! Order your cardOpens in New Window today, or for more information on the high school debit cards, click the tab below.

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High School Debit Cards

Support Your School With Every Purchase

You can now support your favorite Chesterfield County High School with our new High School Debit Cards!

You'll receive a card featuring the school logo of your choice and a portion of every signature-based transaction will be donated back to the school!

Best of all, you'll enjoy all of the benefits of our standard debit card, including CURewards points and a nationwide network of free ATMs!

Order your card today

We offer several ways to order your card using one of these convenient options!

Card Designs

Donations and card totals accurate as of 3/31/2019.

Bird High School

Number of Cards: 48
Donations to Date: $624.57

L.C. Bird High School Debit Card

Clover Hill High School

Number of Cards: 22
Donations to Date: $196.68

Clover Hill High School Debit Card

Cosby High School

Number of Cards: 17
Donations to Date: $155.75

Cosby High School Debit Card

James River High School

Number of Cards: 28
Donations to Date: $151.32

James River High School Debit Card

Manchester High School

Number of Cards: 39
Donations to Date: $477.83

Manchester High School Debit Card

Matoaca High School

Number of Cards: 39
Donations to Date: $371.51

Matoaca High School Debit Card

Meadowbrook High School

Number of Cards: 44
Donations to Date: $362.88

Meadowbrook High School Debit Card

Midlothian High School

Number of Cards: 41
Donations to Date: $278.16

Midlothian High School Debit Card

Monacan High School

Number of Cards: 19
Donations to Date: $136.13

Monacan High School Debit Card

Thomas Dale High School

Number of Cards: 21
Donations to Date: $293.87

Thomas Dale High School Debit Card
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* Membership eligibility restrictions apply. A parent or guardian is required as a joint owner for Declare Checking members. High school debit cards are only available for Chesterfield County Public Schools.