Busy life? You can still empower yourself with financial knowledge with these podcasts. A variety of topics are available ranging from auto and home buying to credit education.

Balance Financial Fitness

Become financially savvy on-the-go by downloading these podcasts

Through our partnership with the BALANCE Financial Fitness Program, we are providing podcasts on a variety of financial topics.  Listen from your computer, or download and listen on-the-go.  The more you know about your finances, the better you can plan and prepare for what comes your way.  Discover all of the educational resources the BALANCE Financial Fitness Program has to offer.

BALANCE Financial Fitness Podcasts

Money Management
You can save money and reach your financial goals – all it takes is a money management plan.
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The World of Credit Reports
With an understanding of credit reports, you can take the necessary steps to maintain a positive credit standing.
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Credit Matters
Using credit wisely will help you achieve your goals while avoiding financial pitfalls.
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The Road to Homeownership
An understanding of the home buying process puts the American dream of homeownership within your reach.
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Identity Theft
Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft, and how to recover if you are victimized.
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Drive Away Happy
Make educated decisions on your vehicle and financing to make the best of this important transaction.
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High Cost Financial Services
Learn to identify high-cost and predatory financial services and the steps necessary to qualify for credit alternatives.
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Checking Account Management
Handling your account responsibly is a key factor in personal finance. Learn the steps to take control of your account.
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Repaying Student Loans
Being educated about student loans and your options can make it easier to repay them.
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Teens and Money
Learn about how to become financially independent and make money-smart decisions.
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Finances for College Students
Learning to make the most of your money today while preparing for tomorrow is an education you can't afford to pass up!
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Rebuilding After a Financial Crisis
There are many things in life that can derail even the best money management plans, but with hard work and dedication, a healthy financial future is possible.
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Financial First Aid
Learn how to create a plan to get back on track after experiencing a financial crisis.
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