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Savings Account Fees

Effective Aug 1, 2019
Item Fee
Excessive Withdrawal, In Branch* $5.00 / withdrawal
Excessive Withdrawal, Electronic Transactions** $2.00 / withdrawal
Savings Only Fee*** $5.00 / month
*Savings account excessive withdrawals are any teller-generated withdrawals over 3 per month in each account (savings & club accounts only). This fee is charged on the last day of the month.
**For electronic transactions in excess of 6 per month. Electronic transactions include online and telephone banking transactions, overdraft protection transfers and ACH withdrawals from your account.
***Savings only fee is charged when you carry only savings-based products, including savings accounts or club accounts. To avoid this fee, consider opening a checking account, certificate or loan product.

Checking and Money Market Account Fees

Effective Aug 1, 2019
Item Fee
Check Copy $3.00 / copy
Check Printing Varies
Counter Checks, Sheet of 4 $3.00
Money Market Excessive Withdrawal^ $5.00 / withdrawal
Money Market Monthly Service^^ $10.00 / month
^ Money market excessive withdrawals are any withdrawals over 6 per month. This fee is charged on the last day of the month.
^^The Money Market Monthly Service Fee is waived when you carry an average daily balance of at least $2,500.

Card Fees

Effective Aug 1, 2019
Item Fee
ATM Usage - CFCU No charge
ATM Usage - CUHere, Allpoint, or Moneypass No charge
ATM Usage - Out of Network $2.00 / transaction
Debit Card Reactivation% $10.00 / occurance
Design Your Own Card $12.00 / card
Foreign Transaction Fee 1% of the transaction amount
Plastic Card Replacement%% $10.00 / card
Visa Gift Card $3.95 / each
% A Debit Card Reactivation Fee will be charged to reactivate your card if it is frozen due to a negative balance without opting into Extended Coverage for Overdraft Privilege.
%%Plastic Card Replacement fee is charged each time you replace your card in excess of once per year.

Other Account Fees

Effective Aug 1, 2019
Item Fee
Account Research+ $20.00 / hour
Wire Transfer - International $30.00
Bad Address Fee++ $2.00 / month
Check Cashing+++ $3.00 / check
Deposited Item Return - Third Party $15.00
Deposited Item Return - Member Liability $35.00
Deposit Verification $10.00 / request
Inactive Account++++ $2.00 / month
Insufficient Funds (NSF) $30.00 / item
Invalid Account Number~ $3.00 / item
Money Order $3.00
Loan Payment from External Account - Electronic Payment $3.00
Loan Payment from External Account - Credit or Debit Card~~ 2% of the transaction or $5.00
Notary Public No charge
Person to Person Payments (Paypal) $.75 / transaction
Signature Guarantee Service $5.00
Statement Copy $3.00 / copy
Stop Payment - ACH $30.00
Stop Payment - Teller Check $30.00
Tax Lien, Levy, or Garnishment $50.00 / item
Teller Check - Payable to Member No charge
Teller Check - Third Party $3.00
Wire Transfer - Incoming $2.00
Wire Transfer - Domestic $20.00
+ 1 hour minimum, rounded to the nearest 1/4 hour
++Bad address fee is charged when we receive returned mail on your account and will continue monthly until you update and confirm your address with us.
+++Check cashing fee is waived for members with an active loan, certificate, money market or checking share, or if the balance in the savings account is over $100.00
++++Your account is considered inactive after 12 consecutive months of no user-generated activity.
~Charged when the account number provided on an electronic ACH transaction is incorrect.
~~Whichever is greater