Important Member Notice | As we approach the systems merger with Virginia Credit Union, please be aware of the following important dates and times.
Access to CFCU On-The-Go services, including Net24, Dial24 & Mobile24 will be unavailable after 5pm on Friday, May 29th.
Access to mobile deposit using your Mobile24 Mobile Banking app will be unavailable after 5pm on Thursday, May 28th.
Starting Monday, June 1st, you can re-enroll in home banking on the Virginia Credit Union website.
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Whether for a car repair, medical emergency or legal bills, our emergency loan is available in your time of need.

In your time of need, we're here for you

Sometimes the unexpected happens. That's why we offer short-term financial assistance to members in emergency situations. Emergency situations are defined as housing expense or repair, auto repair/part replacement, funeral expense, urgent medical expense, or legal assistance. Situations that arise as a result of short-term loss of work or temporary reduction of hours may also be covered. This loan is a more favorable loan than what is available at a payday lender.


  • Loan amounts range from $200.00 - $1,000.00
  • Repayment terms up to 8 months


  • Only one emergency loan per year.
  • Membership must be established for a minimum of 6 months prior to request
  • Documentation of the debts to be paid must be provided and checks are made payable directly to the creditor.
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Debt Protection

Play it safe with CFCU Safety Net

Help preserve your standard of living. Whether you're taking out a loan to make home improvements or buy a vehicle, it can be a financial gamble because the unexpected can happen at anytime. You’re betting you won’t lose your job (through no fault of your own), or become disabled (due to injury or illness), or pass away, leaving your family responsible for your loan balance. Life events can cause financial hardship, making bill-paying difficult. You don't want delinquent payments and defaulted loans to cause you to lose your assets, negatively impact your credit rating, or cause financial distress for your family.

Protection suited for you

CFCU Safety Net* is a voluntary loan-payment protection product that helps you get relief from the financial burden of delinquency, default, or foreclosure if a protected life event unexpectedly occurs. And, simple eligibility requirements ease the enrollment process.

Protection that matters

If your loan is protected and a life event happens to you, CFCU Safety Net* will cancel or reduce repayment of your loan debt - helping to lessen worries about paying loans during a time when your income may be reduced or lost and paying other household bills becomes challenging. Protected events include:

  • Loss of life, including those caused by acts of war
  • Disability, including those caused by acts of war
  • Involuntary unemployment

Life Plus adds protection for financially-stressful life events such as accidental dismemberment, terminal illness, hospitalization, family medical leave, and the loss of life of a non-protected dependent.

Protection suited for your needs

Because each member has different needs, we offer three different options for protection with CFCU Safety Net:

  • Comprehensive Protects your family in case of loss of life, disability or involuntary unemployment
  • Prepared Protects your family in case of loss of life or disability
  • Thoughtful Protects your family in case of loss of life
Ask your Financial Services Representative about protection with CFCU Safety Net.
* Your purchase of CFCU SafetyNet is optional and will not affect your application for credit or the terms of any credit agreement required to obtain a loan. Certain eligibility requirements, conditions and exclusions may apply. Please contact your loan representative, or refer to the Member Agreement for a full explanation of the terms of CFCU SafetyNet.
Effective May 1, 2020
Personal Lending APR* Term^ Calculator
Signature Loan 8.49% 60 months Calculator
Share Secured Loan ~ 6.00% 60 months Calculator
Credit Builder Loan 24.74% 60 months Calculator
* Annual Percentage Rate. Lowest APR available with qualifying credit & automatic payment. Rates are subject to change at anytime without notice.
^ Financing available for 49 - 60 months on loans above $10,000. As an example, the monthly payment on a loan with 8.24% APR and an 60-month term would be about $20.39 per $1,000 financed.
~ Share Secured Loan is 1.75% APR above the rate of instrument, rounded up to the nearest quarter percent. Floor of 6.00% applies.


Applying for a loan online is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

Auto Loans & Personal Loans

  1. Log in to your Net24 Home Banking account
  2. Select "Apply For A Loan" from the left column navigation menu
  3. Complete the appropriate application
  4. A Financial Services Representative will contact you within one business day with more information.

First Mortgages

  1. Complete an Mortgage ApplicationOpens in New Window through our recommended mortgage partner's loan site.
  2. Their mortgage specialist will contact you to get more information about your mortgage needs.
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Don't get caught in a payday loan cycle. Look to us in your time of need.