Location: Meadowbrook High School

Chesterfield Federal Credit Union is seeking applicants for a student teller position at our student-run branch in Meadowbrook High School.

This position is only available to students at Meadowbrook High School.


Perform limited transactional duties to serve members by receiving or paying out funds with high degree of accuracy. Maintain accurate transactional records, providing basic cash receipt and payment services in accordance with credit union policies and procedures.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Greet and welcome members to the credit union in a courteous, professional and timely manner, providing prompt, accurate and efficient member transactions.

2. Receive share drafts/checks and cash for deposit to accounts, verify amounts, examine share drafts/checks for proper endorsement, and enter deposits into computer records.

3. Cash share drafts/checks and process withdrawals; pay out money after verification of signatures and member balances.

4. Participate in Marketing meetings and events to further the advancement or activity of the Student Branch.

5. Rotate primary duties every 9 weeks to serve as cross training in multiple aspects of the credit union branch environment. Primary Areas and Focus:

A. Accounting – Ensure Vault and Branch Balance view TX Reports
B. Marketing – Provide comprehensive marketing plans with desired results
C. Management – ensure opening and closing process, overview all operations
D. Service and Sales – actively cross sell and create sales culture

6. Maintain an up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge on all credit union products and services that are handled or promoted by tellers. Maintain an up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge on all related policies and procedures, rules and regulations for the teller area, including robbery procedures.

7. Promote, explain, and cross sell other credit union services such as debit cards and online banking.

8. Receive consumer loan, and other payments, and ensure the payments match balance due. Enter payments into computer. Generate member receipts.

9. Place hold on accounts for uncollected funds.

10. Count, check, and package coins and currency.

11. Balance cash drawer at the end of the shift and compare totaled amounts to computer-generated proof sheet. Research and resolve discrepancies. Report any discrepancies to the supervisor as necessary.

12. Ensure that the teller station is properly stocked with forms, supplies, brochures, etc.

13. Report malfunctions of teller terminals and other equipment used at the teller station.

Job Requirements: