We’ve listened to your suggestions regarding member access to Net24 Home Banking and are excited to announce that we are making an important change to how members access their accounts via Net24 Home Banking and Mobile24 Mobile Banking. Currently, primary account owners are able to access all accounts through one login, with each account linked by the primary owner’s SSN. However, joint owners were not linked by SSN and were only able to gain access through our Friends & Family feature or by shared login credentials.

Starting July 10th, all member accounts on which you are a primary, joint, custodian, representative payee, trustee or power of attorney owner will be aggregated by SSN and available under your own individual login. This is a significant improvement for joint members.

This change will take place on July 10th, and action may be required on your part.


Primary Owners
Primary owners will not need to register for a new Net24 Home Banking account. If you have a different type of ownership on any other accounts with us, you will be able to access them all through one set of credentials. If you have shared your login credentials with a joint owner on one or more of your accounts, please consider changing your password. The joint owner will be able to register for their own unique login information on July 10th.

Joint Owners, Custodians, Representative Payees, Power of Attorney & Trustees
Starting July 10th, you will be able to register for your own unique username and password for access to your Chesterfield Federal Credit Union accounts. You will have full access to all accounts on which you are a joint owner, custodian, representative payee, power of attorney or trustee.

Business Accounts
Business accounts will not need to register for a new Net24 Home Banking account. Each Authorized Signer will have the ability to enroll for a unique username and password to access your business account. Please contact us at 804-748-1417 to ensure your Authorized Signer list is up to date. Business accounts will not aggregate to your personal account login unless you have created an account link with us.


Many members have taken advantage of the ability to link accounts to make access within Net24 Home Banking and Mobile24 Mobile Banking easier. This account link provides full access to the linked accounts to anyone with any kind of ownership on your account. For example, if you are an owner of account 12345, and you request an account link to account 23456, then all joint owners on 12345 will have full access to account 23456. The link is not reciprocal, so the account owner of 23456 does not have access to your accounts.

With the registration changes discussed above, linking should no longer be necessary to provide full access to all of your accounts. It is important to note that accounts cannot be linked unless you share ownership of both accounts. Please call us at 804-748-1417 to review any existing links you may have in place on your accounts.

Please contact us at 804-748-1417 or if you have any questions about the upcoming changes.

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