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Not for profit, not for charity, but for service

Credit unions are member-owned, not-for-profit cooperatives that offer low-cost financial services to members every day. You'll gain value with credit union membership every day. But, you may wonder exactly what it means to be a credit union.

Credit Union Differences


Credit Unions are owned by our members, and not outside stockholders. Your share savings account gives you one share of ownership in the credit union, and most importantly, an equal voice at the annual Board of Directors election, regardless of the amount you have on deposit.

Overseen by Volunteers

An all-volunteer Board oversees the operations of the Credit Union and makes decisions to benefit membership, not to maximize profits.


As a not-for-profit institution, Credit Unions return all profits to our membership in the form of enhanced products and services, higher dividends, lower loan rates and fewer fees on products and services.

In addition, you can save money with your Credit Union membership with discounts available for members on theme parks and shopping.

Membership eligibility

Not everyone can join a credit union. You must share a common-bond with other members. Our members qualify for membership through their employment, school, or membership.

Because of this closed-membership, Credit Unions can offer products and services that fit your needs better than a big nationwide bank.


Credit Unions do pay taxes, such as payroll taxes, sales taxes and property taxes. Congress exempts Credit Unions from federal income taxes because of the benefit we provide to the community.

People Helping People

Credit Unions exist to help people of modest means. We accomplish this with affordable financial services and by providing valuable educational services. Community involvement - supporting schools and other community groups is a huge part of the Credit Union movement.

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