Important Member Notice | As we approach the systems merger with Virginia Credit Union, please be aware of the following important dates and times.
Access to CFCU On-The-Go services, including Net24, Dial24 & Mobile24 will be unavailable after 5pm on Friday, May 29th.
Access to mobile deposit using your Mobile24 Mobile Banking app will be unavailable after 5pm on Thursday, May 28th.
Starting Monday, June 1st, you can re-enroll in home banking on the Virginia Credit Union website.
On the road? With Dial24 Telephone Banking you can access your account anywhere.

24/7 Access To Your Accounts

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With Dial24 Telephone Banking from Chesterfield Federal Credit Union, you can access and manage your account using your phone from anywhere in the country.


24/7 Access

You can access your account anytime, even during weekends and holidays!

Easy to Use

Access from any touch-tone phone. Simply dial and follow the automated prompts. Or, use expert made for even faster service!

Services Available

  • Check account balances
  • Review transactions
  • Verify cleared checks and deposits
  • Make an account transfer
  • Obtain loan information
  • Complete a stop payment on a check

Tips for Using Dial24 Telephone Banking

  • Use your five-digit member number to login.
  • Enter monetary transactions in dollars and cents without a decimal point. $199.99 is entered as 19999#.
  • Loan payoffs are good only for the same day you call. Please contact us if you plan to mail your payoff.
  • During business hours, you can hit 0 to reach our call center and speak to a Financial Services Representative.

Get Started

Simply dial 804-748-1417 and press 1 when prompted.

  • Enroll
  • Expert Codes
  • FAQ

Enrolling is easy

Enrolling in Dial24 Telephone Banking is easy and takes just minutes to complete.

Dial24 Telephone Banking

Enrolling in Dial24 Telephone Banking not only gives you access to your accounts anywhere you have a phone, but also gives you the ability to pre-authenticate when contacting our call center.

  1. Call us at 804-748-1417
  2. When prompted, press 1 to access Dial24 Telephone Banking
  3. Enter your member number
  4. Our system will identify whether you have registered for Dial24 Telephone Banking, and if not, present you with an option for enrolling.
  5. After you authenticate your identity, you will select a PIN to use when accessing Dial24 Telephone Banking.

Expert Codes

Are you an expert Dial24 Telephone Banking user?

Want a faster way to access your selection in Dial24? Enroll with expert mode to use short codes to make your selection easier and faster.

How To Use Expert Mode

  1. Using a touch-tone phone, call 804-748-1417.
  2. At the prompt, enter your member number and the # sign, followed by your PIN and the # sign.
  3. At the prompt, enter the desired Service Code, then #.
  4. Continue to follow Dial24 instructions. If requested, enter Savings/Checking ID or Loan ID number of a specific account.

Service Codes

Download a PDF copyOpens in New Window of these service codes to take with you on the road!

Balances & Account Information

11# Savings Information
12# Checking Information
13# Certificate Information
14# Loan Information
15# IRA Information
16# All Account Balances
17# Account Balance on a Specific Day
18# Loan Balance on a Specific Day

Account History

21# Recent Deposits
22# Recent Transactions
23# Pending Transactions
24# Loan History
25# Transactions by Date or Amount
261# Recent POS Transactions
262# Recent Debit Card Transactions
263# Recently Cleared Checks
264# Recent ACH Transactions
265# Recent Loan Payments
266# Recent Withdrawals

Transfers, Payments, & Advances

3# Transfers, Payments, & Advances

Checking Menu

41# Checking Information
421# Check Number Inquiry, Single Check
422# Check Number Inquiry, Range of Checks
431# Stop Payment, Single Check
432# Stop Payment, Range of Checks

Loan Menu

51# Loan Information
52# Make a Loan Payment
53# Make a Loan Advance
54# Recent Loan Payments
55# Loan Payoff
56# Loan Balance on a Specific Day
57# Loan Advances for the Month

Credit Cards

61# Credit Card Information
62# Make a Payment


71# Withdrawal from Savings
72# Withdrawal from Checking

Additional Options

81# Change your Dial24 PIN
821# Interest & Dividends Paid, YTD
822# Contribution & Tax Info, YTD
83# Date of Last IVR Access
84# Savings Calculator
85# Loan Amortization
86# Expert Mode Preferences

Additional Requests

0# Speak to an FSR (Business Hours Only)

Dial24 Telephone Banking give you 24/7 access to your accounts.