Tips & Tricks For Net24 Home Banking
Recurring Dates

Net24 Home Banking and Mobile24 Mobile Banking are powerful tools, providing members with 24/7 access to their account and the ability to check their account history, pay bills, deposit checks and even create a budget! Join us as we demonstrate everything these services have to offer! Bring your own laptop or use on of ours and follow along with your own account so you can get the most out of our self-service banking options.

First-Time Home Buyer
Tuesday, April 23rd

As exciting as buying a home is, it can also be a little overwhelming with all the various home financing options out there. Which home loan is best for me? What are the home loan rates? How do I prequalify for a loan? Attend our first-time home buyers seminar and we will walk your through the home buying process from pre-qualifying to closing, and everything in between to ensure you are fully educated and prepared to start the journey to home ownership.

Social Security & Your Retirement
Thursday, April 25th

Regardless of when you plan to retire, Social Security will likely be an important part of the road ahead. But do you know the rules of the road when it comes to Social Security? Determining when to begin benefits could be one of the biggest financial decisions you face, and there are key issues to consider. Here’s an opportunity to attend a valuable educational seminar on this important topic, at no cost and no obligation.

How to Weather a Bear Market
Thursday, May 9th

How do you react? Without a plan, reacting based on your instincts could hurt your long-term financial goals. Learn steps you can take now to prepare to weather the next bear market.

The Ins and Outs of a Real Estate Transaction
Tuesday, June 25th

This seminar will give an overview of a real estate transaction whether you are an existing home owner looking to sell, upgrade, downsize or considering refinancing to lower your payment or tap into your equity. Do you have the proper insurance coverage that will fully cover your current needs?