Our branches are for more than just deposits and withdrawals. We offer services to meet all of your financial needs.

Account Research

All branches offer account research services to assist with the balancing and reconciliation of your account. A fee of $20.00 / hour / hour applies, with a minimum of 1 hour. Please call 804-748-1417 to schedule an appointment.

Check Cashing

All branches offer check cashing services to members. A fee of $3.00 / check applies if no loan, certificate, Money Market or checking account is on file and the balance in share savings is less than $100.00.

Gift Cards

Members can purchase gift cards at any location for $3.95 / each. They are available in any denomination from $25 - $1,000.

Learn more about gift cards.

Money Orders

Members can purchase a money order of up to $1,000 at any branch for $3.00.

Notary Public Service

Notary Public service is available at each location at no charge for members. Please call 804-748-1417 to schedule an appointment and to ensure a Notary Public is in the office.

Reloadable Debit Cards

Purchase a reloadable debit card at any branch location for $5.95 . Reload at any branch for only $1.00 - a significant savings over other cards.

Learn more about reloadable debit cards.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Protect your identity and your valuables by renting a safe deposit box at our Brandermill and Midlothian branches. Sizes range from 2x5 to 10x10.

Learn more about safe deposit boxes.

Signature Guarantee

We provide signature guarantees for members intending to transfer or trade registered securities such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. We can perform signature guarantees on transactions up to $100,000. The service is available at each location for members. The fee is $5.00. Please call 804-748-1417 to schedule an appointment.

Teller Checks

A teller check is available to members for their official check needs. They can be picked up at any branch locations for any amount up to the available funds in your account.

There is no charge for checks payable to the member. For third party teller checks, a $3.00 fee applies.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfer provides a safe way to send money quickly worldwide. Service is available at any branch.

Domestic wire transfers are available for $20.00. International wire transfers are available for $30.00.

Visit any branch location for more information.